Brand Collab with Fitness Water Bottle for Men & Women

ZULU Athletic designs reusable water bottles specifically for athletes. Whether you’re trying to hit a new PR or heading to Saturday yoga in the park. Our bottles are engineered to help you reach new heights - because we believe in products that work as hard as you do.

We understand the importance of hydration, especially during periods of critical health and want to help support the fitness community in any way possible!

Some ideas for collaboration
1. Live workout sponsorship
ZULU Athletic would love to sponsor your next livestream workout! We would send product to promote during your live workout as sponsored by ZULU Athletic. We would provide a unique promo code for you to share with your followers. We're also open to doing a giveaway during your livestream and providing a unique promo code for you to share with your followers.
2. IG Stories
If you are partial to posts instead, ZULU Athletic would partner on a giveaway and/or providing a promo code to your followers. via swipe ups or in-feed posts. Plus, some goodies for you!

Instagram handle: @zuluathletic
Listing created Apr 14, 2020