Brand Collab with Fitness Lifestyle & Nutrition Brand for Women

Aila is a fitness lifestyle and nutrition brand for women. As a female founded brand, we're looking to build awareness and promote adoption of our Matcha Energy supplement as a healthy alternative to pre-workout within the fitness community.

Our formulas are made with clean, food based ingredients for a smooth, sustaining energy boost as well as superfoods to optimize performance.

We'd love to help power the fitness community during their home workouts (and in a time they might need a coffee alternative more than ever!)

Some ideas for collaboration:

  1. Live workout sponsorship:
    Aila would provide help with promotional assets to promote your live workout as sponsored by Aila. We would provide a unique promo code for you to share with your followers. We're also open to doing a giveaway of an 8 pack of our product at the end of workout!

  2. IG Stories
    If you are partial to posts instead, Aila would partner on a giveaway and/or providing a promo code to your followers. via swipe ups or in-feed posts. Product would (of course) be gifted to you.

Open to other ideas as well - shoot us a note!

Instagram handle: @meetaila
Listing created Apr 8, 2020