Dr. Kellen Scantlebury | Virtual Prehab, Rehab, & Programming

What's up everybody!

My name is Kellen Scantlebury. I am a licensed physical therapist as well as a strength and conditioning coach and I help people move more efficiently and with less pain. I have an athletic background, having played collegiate sports and love helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.

You should work with me because I can not only help promote your brand across the fitness world but I can also transition into the medical population as well. This opens up different avenues of marketing and exposure.

Send me a message. Let's talk about how we can help each other out.

Partnership Terms: Product-For-Promotion & Paid Sponsorships
Partnership terms:
Product In-Kind (no fee)
Paid Sponsorship (brand pays fee)
Instagram handle: @dr.kels
Instagram followers: 3000
Personal website: fitclubny.com
Studio affiliation (if applicable): fit club ny
Studio Instagram handle (if applicable): @fitclubny
Ways I can promote your brand:
Brand shoutout during streaming workout
Product placement during streaming workout
Product giveaway (chosen at random, first to sign-up, prize winner etc)
Exclusive discount code / affiliate link
Social media posts / stories
Lead a workout on your brand's social media (e.g. IG takeover)
Lead an at-home workout for your employees
Propose something else to me!
Brand sponsors accepted:
Beverage (Non-Alc)
Beverage (Alc)
Listing created Apr 4, 2020