At-Home Workouts with Bobby + Izzi

Hey! My name is Bobby, I'm a displaced New York group fitness instructor at Barry's and Flywheel who's mobilizing my client base to make the most from their household goods to stay fit. You can find me @bobbyxwestside and providing daily content for their workout routines with my girlfriend and fellow group fitness instructor Izzi Lynn @westsidexworkouts!

Click the "Request to Sponsor" button to message me directly through Fitworthy and let me know how you'd like to work together. From there, I'll get back to you with class dates/times available, pricing, and specific deliverables for you.

Partnership Terms: Product-For-Promotion & Paid Sponsorships
Partnership terms:
Product In-Kind (no fee)
Paid Sponsorship (brand pays fee)
Instagram handle: @bobbyxwestside
Instagram followers: 4000
Projected # of viewers: 1K+
Personal website:
Studio affiliation (if applicable): Barry's
Studio Instagram handle (if applicable): @barrys
Ways I can promote your brand:
Brand shoutout during streaming workout
Product placement during streaming workout
Product giveaway (chosen at random, first to sign-up, prize winner etc)
Exclusive discount code / affiliate link
Social media posts / stories
Lead a workout on your brand's social media (e.g. IG takeover)
Lead an at-home workout for your employees
Propose something else to me!
Brand sponsors accepted:
Beverage (Non-Alc)
Beverage (Alc)
Listing created Mar 27, 2020