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Partnership Opportunity: We're hosting an all-day fitness event and are looking for top health & wellness food & beverage brands to donate product in-kind for our attendee gift bags.
What We're Looking For: Snack, beverage, and body wipe products for gift bags
Partnership Benefits: 1) Brand exposure/interaction with our community 2) Opportunity to conduct table activation w/brand rep 3) Brand will be tagged in one (1) IG story 4) Brand will be mentioned in one (1) pre-event marketing e-mail
Date: Sep 29, 2020
Start/End Time: 6-8:30pm
Partnership terms:
Product In-Kind (no fee)
Paid Sponsorship (brand pays fee)
Expected # of event participants: 300+
Attendee demographic: Add specific attendee demographic information here (i.e: 60/40 female/male, general information about your attendees)
Social reach (IG/FB/Twitter/Email List): Add your specific social reach here (i.e: IG: 35k, FB: 15k, Email List: 40k)
Committed Partners/Sponsors: Update your listing with any committed partner brands here, which may help attract additional interest
Past Partners/Sponsors: Add any past partners here so interested parties can see who you've worked with in the past
Partnership product types accepted:
Beverage (Non-Alcoholic)
Beverage (Alcoholic)
Discount Coupon
On-site refrigeration available:
Event partnership format:
Product Giveaway - No Table / No Brand Rep
Product Sampling - Table Activation w/Brand Rep
Gift Bag Inclusion - Product/Coupon
Other - Please refer to details above
Event partnership benefits:
Brand mention - Instagram Story
Brand mention - Instagram Post
Brand mention Event Marketing Material (email, eventbrite, etc)
Event Naming Rights
Professional photography
Professional videography
Other - Please refer to details above
Event website (i.e. Eventbrite): www.getfitworthy.com
Name of venue: Fitworthy HQ
Listing created May 21, 2019