SUPER FUEL is a natural energy drink with nootropics, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and other nutrients so you can feel great and live your best life!

EBOOST SUPER FUEL is available in select CVS locations and we would love your help to build the buzz! Especially considering that SUPER FUEL is on promo this month for 2/$4! We are offering one full case of SUPER FUEL ($72 value, 24 cans) in return for one instagram post!

CVS post (Instagram post)
-Post A picture or video of yourself with the SUPER FUEL can
-tag @ eboost
-tag @ cvspharmacy
-#SUPERFUEL #YourKickinaCan
-Any questions on caption or language please let me know

Budget: Product-For-Promotion Only
Focus Geographic Regions/Cities: Florida, New York, California, Texas
Focus Customer Demographic: 25-60 age range, dual gender
Instagram handle: eboost
Listing created Oct 13, 2020