The Honey House (Influencer/ Content Creation House)

The Honey House is a physical space in Hollywood Hills, created with the intention to experience, create, and collaborate. Our content exists at the intersection of Strategy and Relatability. Our creators, at the intersection of friendship and business.

Members of the Honey House come from all walks of life: Fashion, Sport, Culture, Media, Activism, and Parenthood. Our goal is to tell meaningful stories and share those experiences with the world at large.

Members: Over 800,000 Instagram followers
Over 1.6 Million between IG, Tik Tok, and Youtube.

We will be working Content Series & Challenges, Lead Generation & Contest Giveaways, Product Reviews & Demos, Product Placements & Shoutouts among other things.

Actual price per sponsorship available upon request from serious partners. FULL HONEY HOUSE Pitch deck available upon request, with a detailed outline of the entire project that spans from August 10th - September 10th

Past Partners/Sponsors: This is a new content house with experienced members who have partnered with a plethora of various brands. From Fitness to Fashion, physical products to media projects, we've done it all.
Partnership product types accepted:
Beverage (Non-Alcoholic)
Beverage (Alcoholic)
Discount Coupon
Studio partnership benefits:
Brand mention - Instagram Story
Brand mention - Instagram Post
Brand mention - Email
Other - Please refer to details above
Listing created Jul 29, 2020