Malia Makaila

In 2018, I became a New York City founding [solidcore] coach. In 2020, I formatted my own online 50-minute workout called “Movement by Malia”.

About me: My name is Malia Makaila and I am currently living in Manhattan, New York City. I have been a fitness coach and personal trainer for two years. Fitness and wellness have always been extremely important to me. Growing up I was a competitive soccer player, dancer and runner. After high school, I pursued dance as a career with a minor in Physical Therapy. While in college, I was an NFL cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles for three seasons. In 2016, I graduated from the University of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance. I signed with State Management NY as a fitness model. In 2018 I moved to New York City to pursue dance and fitness. I have worked with well-known fitness brands such as Under Armour, Athleta and New Balance. In 2018, I became a founding [solidcore] coach. In 2020, I created my own online workout program called “Movement by Malia”.

Experience as a [solidcore] coach: [solidcore] is a 50-minute, high-intensity and low-impact, pilates reformer workout. My job as a coach was to coach a minimum of eight classes per week. The job consisted of coaching a 50-minute pilates reformer workout to each client and formatt my own workouts given a certain muscle focus. I personally get to know each and every one of the clients to build a stronger community.

Achievements: the first and only New York City [solidcore] coach named “Coach of the Month” throughout the whole company.

Online fitness coach/personal trainer: I have created my own personal online workout program called “Movement by Malia”. The 50-minute high-intensity low-impact workout starts with a quick warmup and ends with a cooldown. The workout can be done in the comfort of your own home. Each week, I create my workout schedule, and format each workout to focus on different muscles. My class is coached through the online platform ZOOM and I have coached two through instagram LIVE. My job as a coach is to do as much of the workout as I can for people to see through their screen, while also giving attention, interacting, and fixing their form. I coach an average of 7-10 classes per week averaging 40-60 people per class. Before the start of each class, I spotlight one person to share a motivational quote or personal story to keep the workouts personal and inspirational.

Coach mission: as a fitness coach I push my clients to become the best version themselves. Getting to know my clients goals is very important to me. I want to know their goals and intentions with each workout. I found my specialty is always keeping a positive attitude, and making a workout fun. My energy is always high, and seeing my clients smile while doing difficult workouts is my sense of achievement.

Company name: Movement by Malia

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